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If your dental practice could use the boost that online marketing is ideally suited to provide, there’s no reason not to jump in feet-first. Just make sure you avoid the costly mistakes that other dental practices are making, mistakes like those listed below.


Ignoring free marketing options

You might think that the only way to reach potential customers is through a paid strategy like SEO or online advertising. But there are dozens of ways to spread your name and market your dental practice online without spending a dime.For example, you could start by simply listing with directories. Directories like Yelp, Angie’s List, Yellow Pages, and Google My Business are often used in lieu of search engines by consumers seeking area services.

At the very least, you need to claim any listings that already exist in order to make sure that the name, location, and contact information for your business.


Ignoring paid marketing options

Just as there are those who scoff at the potential effectiveness of free online marketing, others will assume that they can get by without spending any money at all.

Unless you happen to be an SEO specialist or an advertising genius, this is hardly the case. For starters, you cannot afford to have a website without the benefit of SEO if you want to be found by prospective customers.

Optimization gives your dental website the opportunity to be found and indexed by web crawlers, thereby increasing your page rank with Google and Bing.


Failure to track and analyze

Regardless of the methods you use for online marketing, it is imperative that you track the results of your efforts.

In the past, tracking the results of marketing campaigns like print, radio, and television was largely dependent on public feedback, a methodology that is spotty at best.

You can start simply enough by using Google Analytics, a program that makes tracking your SEO efforts a cinch. You can even use funnels to follow your efforts from the point of inception straight through to specified conversions.


We don’t just have the best track record for success on Google 1st page, but we’re the ONLY ONES who offer results based guarantees.  Check the record…


When you combine internet savvy and viral marketing good things happen, if the campaign is engaging people. We have more than a few hundred successful reputation boosting campaigns under our belt that have hit this target.


We’ll pick the best media for your message. Then we’ll determine the best media tactics to compliment the overall ad placement strategy.


It’s pretty simple, Gorgeous sites + intelligent SEO = happy clients.


Can you get my dental practice in 3-pack of Google maps on 1st page?
How many dental clients do you have in my city?
How long does it take to see results and get to Google 1st page ranking?
How much will it cost?

 Why Us?

Great Service Experience

Our goal for Dental Marketing Select was not to specialize in marketing, or consulting, or coaching. But rather practice growth.

24/7 Customer Service

We Offer 24-7  customer service. expertise spans across all marketing platforms.

We Get Dentists On The 1st Page Of Google, Period.

This is the “2016 Smart Phone Era”, this means that people can just Google search “dentist in (their city)”  on their phones, THEN they find a dentist on Google 1st page results.  Then they choose a dentist, and sometimes read some reviews. Yep, it’s that simple…

Complete solution for the high performing practice.

Come Experience The Reputation Broadcasting Effect.
Dental Marketing
What we Offer?

We get dental practices  leverage in case acceptance and new patients using Google 1st page rankings, reputation management, online marketing, SEO services, press releases and social media services.  We try to allow each practice to focus on their practice and service goals and we catapult your position on Google, improving new patient acquisition and overall reputation of each practice.

  • Reputation Broadcasting.
  • SEO Service.
  • Reputation Management for Dentists.
  • Social Media Campaign and Posting.
  • Search Engine Marketing or Blogging.
  • Web Design.
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Reputation Management for Dentists.

Reputation Broadcasting:

  • There are two main areas.
  • The first is that of enriching a 5 star reputation on the internet.
  • The second is that of broadcasting the popularity of your specific practice(s).
  • Both are designed to improve net profits and the bottom line of new or existing practices.

Reputation management has become the primary subject at dental conferences in the last three years.  This element is vital to the success of any practice because people in general are typically afraid to go to the dentist.  So it logically follows that people would be even more afraid to visit a dentist with negative Yelp and G+ reviews.  In the year 2016 if a dentist doesn’t have an effective way to protect his/her reputation then new patients may not trust them an people use dentists they trust…

Dental Marketing.

Typical techniques can be implemented, but this is a new era and patients are “smart phone” savvy.  Generally, the concept is about showing the targeted viewers how your  practice can be of a unique help to them, and having been successful in passing that message along, going on to demonstrate to them why your particular  practice is best suited.

We can end up extremely challenging (due to marketing limitations previously referred to).  What usually needs to be done in a situation like that is look at the broader picture of selling.  This is where the four Ps of selling are implemented.

  • In regards to the first P, which appears for the product, the dentist keeps on offering quality service (which is of course expected of him/her) but then goes a step further to demonstrate genuine concern and goodness to his/her patients. Done continually, this establishes a good reputation for the dentist, as recommendations about his/her commitment, good care and goodness spread
  • With respect to positioning, we have advised dentists to make sure that their  websites are located tactically, where people can see them.  Specifically,  in 2016 when people have oral health problems they “Google it” and head to the nearest and most trusted dental office (meaning that if yours is a  practice people see frequently on the first page of Google, then they will consider it at the crucial hour of need).
  • Turning to the third P, which is promotion, the dentist may consider planning and running frequent 100 % free check-ups and oral health attention workshops.  On those, they can go on to provide simple solutions such as oral check-ups, and in the process get individuals aware of their practice and the procedures and solutions they provide.
  • With respect to the 4th P, which is price, the dentist should make sure that his or her procedures/solutions are reasonably priced; both in absolute terms and comparative to other (nearby) dentists.

Dental SEO & Websites for Dentists.

Practically all businesses must have a website.  Everyone is increasingly turning to the internet search engines to discover what they want or need.  Many  practices heeded this call and established their own internet presence.  To stay ahead now, what you need to do is to be visible in cyberspace with the help of reputation broadcasting and solid SEO services.

Letting new patients in the marketplace know that you exist…

  • Successful practices start with knowing what you offer the marketplace versus your competitors.  New patient acceptance rates are based on the principle that the new patient has a unique need that the dental practice can provide.
  • To this end, many  practices present themselves as offering particular specialties or capabilities or show different solutions they can give to prospective patients.  Many dentists promote fields of expertise, like in cosmetic work or surgery.  Others emphasize their procedure as one that may help deal with the fears common among dental patients.
  • The idea is to use a unique benefit or feature as a dental professional.  Every dental professional with a license may offer basic dental medical care solutions to everyone, and many more offer aesthetic dental work.  What sets you apart?  What do you have that the other dental professional do not?  Through efficient dental promotion alternatives, you will discover methods to address these issues.

Choosing Methods.

  • The next step is usually selecting the various tips to get your message across the marketplace.  In the world of Online promotion, this usually means using dental SEO tools, as your intent is for patients to land on your website first in the search engines like Google.  If your website is on the 1st page of Google, many new patients can discover you if they are looking for something you offer.
  • SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and refers to the different techniques used in improving the rank of your website with search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.  This usually requires the use of keywords, which are the probable search “keyword phrases” entered by any search engine user that are relevant to your practice and solutions.
  • Dental SEO techniques can include optimizing your site’s design so that it is “search engine friendly”.  Marketing of your site’s submissions is performed to enhance its relevancy with regard to the searches done by the kind of patient you want. Sometimes, this might require localization of content, and the use of tags on Google Maps to help generate more clients, especially from your immediate vicinity.  Effective use of social networking can also help carry new patients to your website and then many people become aware of your practice.

Dental SEO Benefits.

  • If you choose Google best practices on the internet promotion techniques for your website, the chances that its search engine ranking can improve are great.
  • In these days of surfing the world wide web through the use of smartphones, reliance to search engines has grown, having good reputation management & SEO can do more than create new patients knowing about you, but also carry them through your door.
  • Our team of experts execute strategies that put your practice on first page of Google, point blank.  then our process broadcasts your 5 star reputation.  Then new patients start walking through your doors. Plain and simple.


Complete SEO for Dentists.

As an internet smart individual, you probably understand the importance of properly positioning your dental practice in the Google, Yelp, YouTube, & Bing marketplace.  Even if you have a current customer base, you’ll need to consistently invest in growing it by getting new patients so that you’ll always have a busy practice.  We use Google first page rankings and reputation broadcasting to put your practice ahead of your competitors.  And the good news is, we only take 1 – 2 client per city (depending on the size of the city) so we ensure you have the best market share advantage.

Reputation Broadcasting for Dentists.

  • SEO has to be a consistent process if you really want to see lengthy, lasting results.  Even if you learn about SEO for dentists and do the right things for a short while, you’ll only be able to boost your website reputation momentarily.  Rankings and reputation will decrease unless you are able to do the right process 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • You will save yourself a good amount of trouble eventually if you just seek the services of a professional to perform your website’s reputation management and SEO.  After all, this is an extremely specific area of labor and one that needs continuous expertise.  One aspect of your practice or the other will suffer if you focus too much interest in the wrong direction.
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