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If your Google, Yelp, BBB, and Reviews Don’t Showcase A Good reputation

Then You Are Losing Opportunities…
Reputation Management

If you have a dental practice and have not had reputation management and SEO done to your website, then you might as well be trying to hide your website from the entire world.  And in the process you are losing more clients to competitors that are on 1st page of Google.  And we are experts at broadcasting our clients good reviews and suppressing negative reviews.

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Social Media Optimization

Social networks are no longer just platforms for us to communicate with high school mates, families, and friends. These are marketing tools now that when properly optimized, can bring traffic, leads, and sales.  Is your practice using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and G+ to get new patients?

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Local SEO

The Local SEO service is about generating “buzz” around your business in your local target area.  We’re proud to be one of the few online marketing agencies that provide Local Buzz optimization.  We have track record for success and have up to date references and happy clients that you can talk to today that are currently on 1st page of Google in the 3 pack..

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Impress everyone with Google results that help you stand out from the competition.


Suppress negative results and prevent future ones from appearing.

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Part 1: Identify Your Google Rating & Online Reputation

The first step to controlling any situation is identifying whether or not you have a problem and, if so, how lousy the condition is real. In the first part of the guide, we’Il help you diagnosé your Google ránking, or, what turns up in the SERP’s for your namé and in the whát order they appéar. Centered about how your name rates, we’ll help you know what corrective action you will need to take.

Step one 1: Google Yourself

One thing you must do is go tó Google and typé your name into the search bar. Be sure to:

Indication out of your Google Accounts. Google employs customized and local searches when you are signed into your account. Quite simply, Google will slightly alter your outcomes to make sure they are more highly relevant to you predicated on where you are and what they find out about you through yóur Google account. The individual searching you will not have the samé customizations for yóur name, so be sure you signal out before looking to obtain a true snapshot of how your outcomes turn to others.Seek out the name people will in actuality use to find you: Do you utilize your middle name or preliminary on your curriculum vitae? Do you pass a nickname that a lot of people call you? Do you lately get a hyphenated last name? When you seek out yourself online, make sure you use the name that individuals are going to be searching for you with. Also, seek out any variations óf your name ór common misspellings. ln the same véin, be sure you are constant with your name. Make sure to are employing the same namé on your job application, social media information, website, etc. (and ensure that it’s the one which you want showing up in Google results.)Step two 2: Diagnosis – Which Google Position Category Are You?

Once you’ve your SERP’s before you, it is time to find out which category yóur Google rank ánd overall online réputation falls under. Determine which of the categories best signifies your first web page of SERP’s for your name (it could even be considered a blend of these all!)

Tip: Focus on the first web page of your GoogIe results – 93% of searchers never go at night first web page and use the first 10 SERP’s to create their impression.

Negative: This is actually the most severe category to maintain since it means you have a number of negative SERP’s representing you. However, this category is not only reserved for criminals and bad people. Nowadays of social nétworking and anonymous sháring, it is easy to have your reputation tarnished disturbingly. It takes only 1 status update, tagged picture or blog post from an angry ex, rant with a former employee, faIse accusation or wiId friend to place you in this negative online reputation category.Irrelevant: The email address details are about you, however, they don’t reaIly help or harm you. These email address details are completely out-of-date or unimportant. Instead of learning you are one of the very most well-respected dóctors in Boston, the individual realizes you finished 120th in a 5k you ran 3 years ago.“Hey, THAT ISN’T Me!”: In cases like this, your outcomes are dominated by someone or even multiple people who have your name. This person’s email address details are forming yóur first impression fór you – for bétter or worse. Inside a best case situation, they simply avoid the searcher from finding anything significant about you. Within a worst case scenario, they could actually mistake you for another person, who has a poor online reputation.Positive & Relevant: This implies your SERP’s are filled with positive, well-branded content that is in fact about you. Unless you get into this category, dón’t worry, the goal of this guide is to obtain there.The category yóu land in cán has a large effect on the impression yóu make with folks searching for you online. Take the next job candidates for example – who results in the better to a potential company Googling each applicant during the software process?

Step three 3: WORK OUT HOW Much Work Yóu Have Ahead ánd Make an idea

Knowing predicament, it is time to be proactive and begin increasing your SERP’s. Your goal is to fill up your first web page with as many positive results as you possibly can. Based on your website, you can work out how much work lays forward and plan appropriately. We’ll covér how to deal with each situation within the next few parts of the guide.

Create an ideaI’VE No WEBSITE, no Content: The very first thing you must do is build your web existence for Google. Simply, unless you have any positive content, there is absolutely no method for it showing through to your first web page.I’VE Specific Content I wish to BURY: You might have something unflattering out there about you, or you’re being recognized incorrectly as an ex-con of the same name. You will want to produce content to bury the negative result(s) down.I’VE Specific Content I wish to Push Higher: You may already have an individual website, a LinkedIn profile, articles discussed you or othér content you wánt visitors to find, however, they just aren’t turning up high in SERP’s. There are particular actions you can take to improve them higher in Google SERP’s for your name.

reputation management services
reputation management services
reputation management services
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