After printing, we label all the postcards with the addresses of the targeted mailing list we worked with you to build. At this point, most companies charge more for postage, but not us! We won’t ever charge you extra for postage. With combined experience in addressing, processing, drop shipping and verifying delivery, your cards are in good hands!

The other guys may simply print and mail your cards, then cross their fingers. With, your delivery is confirmed and your calls are tracked. No more guessing!

Why Drop Shipping?

To ensure your campaign runs smoothly from the start, your cards are drop shipped to your local post office midweek. The post office then guarantees 48-hour in-home delivery, optimizing your results.

Drop Shipping Benefits:

  • Stronger call response through targeted start-of-week delivery
  • Fewer calls lost in the delivery process
  • Precise tracking
  • Maximum savings passed on to you through postal discounts


This is so much easier than printing postcards and mailing them yourselves. The best part about it? We can design, deliver and track your postcard for less than the price of a stamp.

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