We’ve mailed millions and millions of cards with a focus exclusively on dental practices. We have learned a lot from monitoring the responses of all those cards, and we know what designs and offers will get you the strongest response. So when we design your postcard, you can rest assured that not only the aesthetics of your card will stand out, but the design of your postcard will also be an effective tool to get new patients.

Here’s how our design process works:

  1. You review our extensive gallery of beautiful postcard designs and identify which styles you like best.
  2. We send you a short design questionnaire to gather all of your important information, and you send us your logo, any additional artwork, and any photos that you would like to see on your card.
  3. When we receive your design questionnaire, our design team creates a custom design for your postcard, with as many revisions as needed to get it right, for FREE. We come up with slogans, offers and design elements to make your custom design a success.
  4. After your first few mailings, we can use the data from your campaign to revise and improve your postcard design. We adjust your campaigns based on seasonality, current offers and several other factors.

Our Dental Postcard Design has been improved vastly

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