We give each postcard a unique number that is routed to your primary office number, so we can measure the effectiveness of your postcard campaigns in “real-time.” By tracking the quantity and quality of phone calls, we are able to prove and improve each mailing. The data we derive from these calls motivates future training, coaching and design strategies.

How it works:

  1. We place a unique number on your postcard.
  2. When patients call the number on the postcard, the call is forwarded to your front desk.
  3. The call is tracked, recorded and scored.
  4. You can review and listen to calls using your Practice Dashboard.

Tracking every call creates accountability for us and your staff. We live by the adage, “When performance is measured, performance is improved. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of performance accelerates.”  By simply tracking your calls, we can increase the quantity of patients scheduled on any given postcard mailing; your staff knows they are accountable to certain metrics we’re tracking. And when we provide reports, the performance of your staff improves with time, as they see their results and work to improve on key performance indicators that reliably bring in more patients into your practice.

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